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Your invite to breakfast - Nordics Roadshow

Join us for an enlightening seminar on ‘Smart ESG – A New Dimension in Sustainable Investing'.


  • Innovative ESG Solutions: Find out how objective, factorised ESG data can enable more tailored ESG portfolios or funds, enhancing impact while mitigating risk.

  • 3D Optimisation Explained: Gain insights into the workings and benefits of our unique 3D optimisation model (simultaneously optimizing for risk, return and impact).

  • Whitepaper Presentation: We will unveil our latest whitepaper, illustrating practical applications such as superior ESG indices and thematic solutions that we have built together with Asset Managers and Asset Owners.

We only have a small number of spaces left, please email [email protected] to confirm yours.

Find out more about SmartESG below:


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