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Creating a vegan impact fund

Beyond Investing

Case Study

Since 2018, Beyond Investing - a vegan, forward-thinking investment firm - has been leveraging Impact Cubed's comprehensive ESG data to develop an innovative suite of investment funds that are both cruelty-free and climate positive.


  1. Identification & Exclusion: Companies exploiting animals or using animal-derived materials are identified and excluded, alongside fossil fuel energy companies due to their environmental impact.

  2. Sector Balance & Diversification: Acceptable businesses are included to correct sector imbalances, with each portfolio checked for diversification to ensure robustness.

  3. Impact & Benchmarking: The resulting portfolios outperform traditional funds on key ESG metrics, serving as benchmarks for future vegan and climate-friendly investments.

Returns without cruelty

The US Vegan Climate ETF has a long history of outperforming the S&P500 benchmark, demonstrating that impact can be integrated into a portfolio in a risk-controlled way.

Historical performance is not a reflection of future performance.

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