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Create differentiated structured products 

Our diverse datasets and network of partners enable precise impact products to be distributed with ease. 


Construct bespoke financial products

We streamline ESG integration, delivering portfolios that maximise impact while minimising expected risk.


Our distinctive datasets, including biodiversity, climate, and SDG alignment, provide access to over 300 ESG factors for tailored investment strategies. Supported by years of quantitative expertise and endorsed by market giants like Euroclear and S&P, we equip you to align with market trends and expectations in a risk controlled way.

  • Harnesses the breadth and depth of our datasets to build tailored investment solutions across:

    - Biodiversity

    - SDG alignment

    - Climate

    - 2,300+ product and service classifications

    - Carbon, waste, water

    - Gender equality

    - Plus 100+ more ESG factors

  • Go beyond traditional market indices, creating bespoke benchmarks that reflect your client's or plan member's unique sustainability objectives and risk preferences. Whether it's carving out a low-carbon footprint, enhancing gender diversity, or integrating specific ESG factors, SmartESG offers the flexibility and precision needed for investors to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

  • Seamlessly integrate ESG into your offerings without the need for new data providers, extensive training for current teams, or hiring specialised quants. Accelerate your market presence with ease.

Precision with every choice

3D security selection

View your universe of securities in a 3D space, ensuring the right mix of ESG, risk, and return in every decision.

Tell your impact story

Seamless client reporting

With our online analytics platform, you can create quick and accurate reporting for your clients in a way that makes sense to them.

Our data is used by leading institutions such as S&P Dow Jones Indices, JP Morgan and Euroclear.

Trusted data

One-click client reports with clear investment equivalents and impact illustrations to tell your impact story. 

Intuitive reports

For institutional & individual investors, climate-focused for TCFD reporting, EU regulatory reports for EU SFDR/PAI, Taxonomy, and Article 8 & 9.

Regulation ready

Covering biodiversity, climate, corporate factors, SDG alignment, sovereign debt, regulatory, 2,300+ product and service classifications and regional revenues.

Unique datasets

Built on quantitative data

Why Impact Cubed

Pierre Bergeron - PBI Acturist Consultants

"Impact Cubed enables the integration of ESG across the entire pension plan value chain. It’s not just about data or consulting; it’s an end-to-end solution that ensures impact is deliberately woven into the very fabric of investment strategies."

Online demo

Explore our data instantly

Explore a selection of top global funds on our online analytics platform. No forms, no fuss. Just insight.


Real world impact

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