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Allocate capital to a sustainable future

Create leading indices, portfolios and funds with our 3D-ESG approach that optimises risk, return and impact simultaneously.

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What We Do

Tailored strategies for sustainability challenges

We blend academic intelligence with real-world applications. Our groundbreaking work in 3D-ESG integration sets a new benchmark, optimising risk, return, and impact for institutional investors. Our focus is clear: deliver impactful investment solutions for today's global sustainability challenges.

SmartESG: More impact for less expected risk

Model portfolios and overlays tailored to your clients ESG values – that optimise both ESG Impact and tracking error.

3D manager and fund selection

Assess managers and funds within a 3D space, across risk, return and impact.

Quantitative ESG data & analysis

Because our data is quantitative, factual data – not peer relative - you can compare across asset classes, funds, portfolios and more.

Research & development

Our team of research professionals have decades of quant experience, focussed on finding new ways to address leading problems.

Engineer a sustainable future with Impact Cubed

Impact Cubed

Built on quantitative, factor data

We only provide outcome-based, factual data – not sentiment or policy.  Factorised data forms the foundation of our offering and enables enhanced portfolio construction and engineering. 


All our data is therefore quantitative, offering unrivalled flexibility, precision and easier integration.

Built by investors for investors

We harness our team’s direct experience in sustainable investing and portfolio construction, and craft our solutions in consultation with leading institutional investors. 


Every aspect of our offering is engineered with portfolio investment at its core, with data meticulously factorised for seamless integration.

Unmatched granularity & coverage

Comprehensive coverage and factor data that is relevant for any investment strategy, unlocking precision and flexibility in your investments.

Every listed company is covered, and we split business activities into 2,300 different classifications.

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