ESG Facts. Not Ratings.

We collate and create outcome-based impact data for all listed companies globally – giving investors true insight into their impact on the world around them.

We collate and create outcome-based impact data for all listed companies globally. From examining board diversity to evaluating water scarcity, our in-depth analysis of revenue streams across thousands of business activities equips investors with the tangible data necessary for effective reporting, regulation, and portfolio optimization, enabling them to fully understand their impact on the world.

Data & Reporting

Unparalleled coverage. Unmatched granularity. Get the data you need.

Portfolio Solutions

Engineer and optimise the impact of portfolios and funds.

Online Analytics Platform

Explore and analyse your way, from one intuitive platform.

Objective as standard

No opaque ESG scores here. Every one of our datapoints is grounded in fact and can be accessed and explored.

Unmatched granularity

Analyse all company revenue streams across 2,300+ business activities and see geographic revenue splits.

Unparalleled coverage

We cover all globally listed companies (equity & debt), as well as all sovereign debt issuers.

By Investors. For investors

Euroclear, one of the world’s largest financial infrastructure providers, have invested in us. We’re working on building bigger and better solutions for our clients.

In good company

We already power some of the industry’s
leading institutional investors

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