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Press: Impact Cubed announces free ESG analytics platform access for key public pension funds

Leading ESG data, analytics, and investment solutions company, Impact Cubed, announces free access to their platform for key public pension funds.

CEO Libby Bernick said ‘As part of our mission to accelerate the shift of capital to more sustainable companies, an important first step is educating investors about their portfolios’ impact. Equipping public pension funds with tools to see the granular ESG impact of their investments will empower them to have more conversations about ESG with their managers and boards. We’re excited to announce this educational initiative at this year’s PRI conference.

Using Impact Cubed’s platform, a user can see the granular ESG impact of their portfolios, funds, securities and more, across thousands of economic sectors, business revenue streams and individual geographies. This allows for easy benchmarking and better portfolio engineering to match clients’ investment values.

Libby continues, ‘common practice in North America has been to use subjective ESG ratings, which can be controversial and confusing for pension funds. Instead, our tool equips pension funds with objective data and factual portfolio reports to show how their ESG impact compares to broad market indexes.  Pension funds can also use our platform to validate fund managers’ claims about ESG performance. Access is available for public pension funds in North America and we will assess any similar public, not-for-profit pension funds in other regions on a case-by-case basis.

Applicable asset owners can start a conversation about platform access by reaching out to [email protected] or via our contact page.

Impact Cubed is the leading ESG data, analytics, and investment solutions company, providing the most objective and granular ESG data available. Covering every listed company, Impact Cubed allows investors to add ESG impact as a third dimension to their usual risk & return frameworks for any fund and portfolio in the world. Euroclear, the world’s leading global financial market infrastructure company, has recently entered into a partnership with Impact Cubed, further supporting Impact Cubed’s mission to accelerate capital to more sustainable businesses.


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