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Impact cubed launches ESG platform solution

Powerful ESG platform supports customized solutions and simplifies investor workflows for impact analysis

London, September 23, 2021- Impact Cubed, a leading provider of ESG data and sustainable investment solutions, has launched its automated platform that brings transparency to the ESG characteristics of any portfolio. The software allows investors to compare investment propositions and align their portfolios with clients’ goals. The platform unlocks access to Impact Cubed’s robust, award-winning ESG, climate and impact data with tech-powered tools that simplify day-to-day workflows for institutional investors and wealth managers.

This means asset and wealth managers can develop customized solutions aligned with client goals and show how portfolio holdings affect performance on climate, diversity and other impact measures.  Asset owners, managers, banks, and insurance companies can use ready-made, modular impact reports available on-demand for marketing reports or regulatory disclosures.

“Investors are hungry for powerful yet simple ways to understand the impact of their portfolios.” said Libby Bernick, Chief Executive Officer at Impact Cubed. “Applying the latest technology to our existing ESG models means they now have on-demand access to very customizable solutions created by investors, for investors.

The platform builds on Impact Cubed’s well-established equity and debt impact models which are aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. They provide coverage of all listed corporate equity and debt as well as all sovereign debt issuers.

The company’s innovative use of factor data (rather than scores or grades) allows investors to validate an ESG strategy with objective, transparent facts on performance. Impact Cubed’s unique patent pending approach to measuring portfolio impact in basis points of tracking error helps speed up the integration of ESG considerations into the investment process and allows for integrated portfolio impact and SDG reporting across all asset classes.

Sustainable fund assets continue to grow rapidly, topping $1.7 trillion in 2020. Almost 400 sustainable funds are now available to US investors, up 30% over prior years, and one in four European funds have classified themselves as sustainable.  This growth has led to investor confusion over the proliferation of funds marketed as ESG, many of which lack transparency on ESG and impact performance.  This rise in sustainable investing comes at the same time the investment industry is deploying automated technology to provide for more customized investment solutions to a wider range of clients. Merging sustainable investing solutions with advanced technologies leverages these two trends for a differentiated client experience.

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About Impact Cubed:  Impact Cubed provides analytics and investment solutions for building more sustainable portfolios with greater impact. It combines an award-winning approach to integrating impact into risk and return with technology-enhanced portfolio design and management. The outcome is a seamless approach to customized sustainable investing.


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