Optimising portfolios for sustainability and performance.

Smart ESG is a portfolio engineering tool that optimises both ESG impact and tracking error. Customisation options allow for alignment with investment preferences and constraints.

Use our data to create a portfolio that maximises
ESG Impact, whilst optimising tracking error.

Our portfolio engine simultaneously optimises on exclusionary screens, tracking error and multiple ESG factors.

You can also customise the inputs to match your client’s investment preferences – such as % reduction targets (carbon, water and waste etc.), sector screening, SDG alignment and other factors such as business activities and regional constraints.

Number One

Go to market – faster

Save time and resources, go to market faster with new ESG strategies.

Number Two

Grow AUM

Create new and different thematic or ESG optimised strategies to grow your AUM.

Number Three

Minimise tracking error

Minimise tracking error to align with institutional investor mandates​


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