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On a mission to accelerate the allocation of capital to a sustainable future

We’re Impact Cubed

Founded two decades ago, Impact Cubed has evolved from its origins as a hedge fund, into a pioneer in the ESG investment space.

Impact Cubed addresses the gap in factual, granular ESG data and investment solutions by leveraging quantitative strategies and machine learning. This approach transforms ESG data into actionable insights, enabling sustainable investing that doesn't compromise on returns or assume undue risk.

At its core, Impact Cubed was born from a shared conviction among its founders that effective capital allocation can significantly impact global challenges. This belief, combined with their extensive experience in asset management and a keen understanding of the limitations in existing sustainable investment strategies, propelled the development of pioneering tools and methodologies. Impact Cubed's distinctive strategy focuses on delivering data-driven, practical solutions to align capital with a sustainable future, challenging the conventional wisdom that impact investing requires a trade-off between ethical considerations and financial performance.

Today, Impact Cubed stands at the forefront of the ESG landscape, having introduced the revolutionary 3D-ESG Integration approach. This model seamlessly integrates risk, return, and impact, enabling investors to construct and refine portfolios that achieve optimal balance among these dimensions. With strategic partnerships like the one with Euroclear in 2022, and innovations such as SmartESG, Impact Cubed is shaping the future of responsible investment. As regulations evolve and the market demands more sophisticated solutions, Impact Cubed remains committed to guiding investors through this changing landscape, ensuring that they do not have to choose between making an impact and securing returns.

Our Story

Our head office at 33 Cannon Street, London

Meet the Leadership

Larry Abele

Larry started his career at First Quadrant in 1996 working for Rob Arnott before joining Barclays Global Investors (now Blackrock) in the Advanced Strategies Research Group. His next role was at Deutsche Asset Management as Head of Quantitative Strategies, before founding Auriel Capital Management, a systematic macro and equity hedge fund.

Larry brings advanced quantitative portfolio management expertise to sustainable investing via the founding of Impact Cubed. Larry holds a MPhil in Financial Economics from the University of Cambridge.


Dr Arleta Majoch

Arleta brings over 10 years of experience in ESG academia and industry to the founding team of Impact Cubed. She holds a PhD in Finance with a focus on RI from ICMA Centre at Henley Business School and is a published academic author on ESG in institutional investment.

Before joining Impact Cubed she held ESG research and business positions at organisations such as the UNPRI, Aberdeen Asset Management, Economist Intelligence Unit, and MSCI. Arleta sits on the GRI Stakeholder Council as Investor Representative.


Antti Savilaakso

Antti has over 15 years of experience in ESG and sustainability research for investment purposes at Nordea Asset Management in Helsinki,
Responsible Research (now Sustainalytics) in Singapore, Dexia (now Candriam) Asset
Management in Brussels and ABN AMRO Asset Management in Amsterdam.

Antti is a published author and widely featured speaker on ESG, and has contributed to the ESG investing community through his positions as PRI Co-chair of Reporting & Assessment committee, FINSIF chairman of the board.

CRO (Research)

Aston Chan

Aston joined Impact Cubed in 2022 with over 20 years experience in quantitative investment management and research, across equities, fixed income and currencies. Aston started his career at Deutsche Asset Management in 2002 in the Quantitative Strategies Group.  This was followed by senior portfolio management positions in two hedge funds and the founding of AMAC Research.

Aston holds a MSc in Finance from the London Business School.

Head of Investment Solutions

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