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Use our platform to analyse the impact of different funds and securities, compare them to other funds or benchmarks, and validate their credentials. You can also create reports and optimise your portfolio to align with your clients’ ESG values.

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Analyse the net impact of a fund or an individual security against facets such as ESG factors, SFDR, EU Taxonomy, and climate.


See how your fund or portfolio stacks up against our equity, bond or multi-asset benchmarks, or even upload and select your own benchmark for comparison. You can easily compare multiple funds at once and view the comparisons with relative or raw values.


Check the credentials of a fund or portfolio. See if a fund really lives up to its ESG name by testing it on a range of ESG strategies: exclusion, defined objective or ‘best in class’. Compare with our benchmarks, or upload and create your own for full control.


Choose your reports to suit your needs. Whether you need specific regulatory insight, or a more client friendly approach, switch-up and download in seconds.


Rebalance your portfolio to be more sustainable whilst keeping a similar risk profile (coming 2024).


Tailor holdings to align with your own or client’s ESG values.


Just some of the ways you can analyse our data:

Products & Services

2,300+ classifications | SDG alignment | Visualise environmental and social good & bad activities


50+ metrics | Carbon | Physical & transition risk | Positive solutions



29 metrics | SDG alignment | Actual & expected progress

Corporate Factors

SDG alignment | 100% coverage | Products & services and operational impact data

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This is your platform. You can explore the data and analytics in varying levels of detail to suit you

Hover over spider diagrams to get the gist, drill down into raw data or look at the sectors, geographies and trends that interest you

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Unparalleled Coverage

We cover all globally listed companies (equity & debt), as well as all sovereign debt issuers.


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