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Factual ESG impact data for every listed company and sovereign issuer. Our reporting & compliance solutions make it easy to access and download the data you need


Empirically different

Drag the slider to see how we compare to typical ESG ratings.

This is a real example of three energy focussed portfolios. Each with completely different ESG impacts, but all rated AA ‘ESG Leaders’.

With Impact Cubed, get comprehensive factual insight into how portfolio revenues align to environmentally and socially good and bad activities, as well as detailed operational impact across 150+ ESG metrics.


Our data process

1. Harvest

We harvest and consolidate publicly disclosed data from all listed companies, globally…

2. Standardise & QA

… we then standardise and quality assure the data…

3. Full ESG picture

…then document the operational impacts, whilst examining what they make and where they sell it to create a complete impact picture…

4. Delivery

…which you can receive any way you like, via our online platform, APIs or raw data feeds.

our data

The full impact picture

Number One

How a company operates

We look at over 150+ ESG metrics to give you the full picture of a company’s operational impact on the wider world – from GHG emissions to gender diversity

What a company produces

We map all business revenues to over 2,300+ business classifications, capturing the most detail into what a company produces or what services they provide and the impact they have on the world

Where a company sells

We split business revenues into individual regions to understand where a company sells its products and services, and what impact that has on those societies

Where a company operates

Our physical climate risk data looks at where a business operates and its exposure to climate-based hazards


ESG in context

Instead of relying on subjective ratings, we compare a company or portfolio across all our 150+ ESG metrics to a relevant benchmark, which users can customise or upload themselves.

To see this in action, simply visit our instant preview, where you’ll be able to explore and interact with the data in real-time:

No scores. Just facts.

Our data and reporting models can be fully explored, extracted and analysed however you see fit, and are all grounded in tangible facts


Get factual and quantitative data that measure real-world outcomes – so you can analyse investments within your current workflows and compare them to anything you’d like

Detailed, but intuitive

Easily see how different ESG impacts play out across thousands of economic sectors and geographies with our completely gap-free data


Our patent-pending algorithms use tracking error to empirically measure impact, so you can make investment decisions across your whole portfolio of investments


You can view our data through different lenses, or download it to analyse your way

Products & Services

2,300+ activity classifications | SDG alignment | Issuer level detail

We split revenues into 2,300+ business activities, providing the most granular insight into products and services and how they impact the world around us. Our data goes beyond the obvious impact of what a company makes by considering where they sell and how they operate as a business.

Our products and services data provides investors with a complete picture of what a company produces or provides, giving a deeper understanding of its potential for success and where it stands out from its peers. Our platform allows users to analyse products and services revenues across regions and geographies, providing valuable insights into potential opportunities and risks associated with specific locations.


2,300+ activities mapped to four biodiversity drivers | SDG alignment | Selection of operational factors

Presented in an intuitive and accessible format, the biodiversity dataset is designed for immediate integration into investors’ existing workflows and systems. The factorised data structure ensures seamless compatibility, enabling you to leverage biodiversity insights without disrupting your current operations.

Designed in alignment with the findings of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) the dataset provides granular insights into over 2,300 business activities, from every listed company, and their impacts on four key drivers of biodiversity: land & sea use change, climate change, pollution and natural resource exploitation. It also contains key SDG alignment and key operational factors such as GHG, water and waste efficiency.

SDG Alignment

All 17 SDGs | Objective | Quantitative | Investible

Our SDG alignment dataset provides a quantitative, objective view of SDG alignment across portfolios and securities. This innovative solution addresses the industry-wide challenge of inconsistent and biased SDG disclosures from companies.

Unlike most SDG data that is qualitative, our dataset uses a factual outcome and rule-based approach, focusing on actual impact rather than just financial materiality and risk. It offers individual revenue stream visibility, allowing investors to understand the 'why' behind SDG alignment. The dataset also enables comparison against benchmarks or peer groups, making the SDGs investable and facilitating the creation of thematic or impact strategies. It can help identify leaders in SDG-aligned products and services, spotlighting the pioneers of the future. With three intuitive views - operations, operations and revenue combined, and revenue only - investors can generate client-friendly reports and provide DNSH designations for regulatory purposes.


29 metrics | SDG alignment | Actual & expected progress

Gain a better understanding of the sovereign debt in your portfolio. See how well a country is contributing to a more sustainable society by looking at its impact.

Our analysis also looks at actual and expected rates of progress - removing the income bias in most conventional approaches, so you can gather a fairer view across both developed and developing countries. We look at 29 different factors including all 17 UN SDGs.


50+ metrics | Carbon | Physical & transition risk | Positive solutions

Our climate lens gives you a holistic view of your climate opportunities and risks; with over 50 measurable and tangible climate metrics such as: renewable energy, SDG alignment, carbon footprints, Paris Alignment, carbon transition risks, physical climate risks, and more.

Our granularity allows you to explore each of these in depth too – such as the amount of solar, wind or hydro that makes up a company’s ‘renewable’ basket. You can also get all quantitative TCFD metrics. Look to the future. Our leading algorithms use robust, historical factual data to provide projected future insights from individual businesses to macro-economic trends.

Corporate Factors

SDG alignment | 100% coverage | Products & services and operational impact data

How does a company really impact the world? Measure metrics that matter across E, S and G, at both fund and individual security level. Drill down into each business revenue stream across geographies and uncover new insights to measure, benchmark or optimise your portfolio.

Regulatory Compliance

Easily meet regulatory requirements with our data and pre-made reports, simplifying the process, and enabling a range of on-demand reports for regulators and your clients.
Our online analytics platform also houses a quick validator tool – so you can easily see what funds are truly living up to their literal ESG name.

Flexible Delivery

How you use the data is up to you

Raw data feeds

Our data and reporting models can be fully explored, extracted and analysed however you see fit, and are all grounded in tangible fact.

Industry-leading APIs

Because our metrics are absolute numerical values, you can compare a security, portfolio or fund to anything you’d like. Don’t be constrained by comparing to similar peers or groups.

Online analytics platform

Easily see how different ESG impacts play out across thousands of economic sectors and individual business geographies with our completely gap-free data.

Why impact cubed?

Unmatched Granularity

Get data across thousands of industry sectors, covering regional revenues from every business stream imaginable.


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